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Mount Pleasant Village, Washington, DC: Celebrating the opportunities and meeting the challenges of aging
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Helping Hands Services 

Villages provide a wide range of services to help their members age in place.

 Neighbor-to-Neighbor Volunteer Services

 Category  Service
  Transportation One-way/round-trip rides for errands, appointments, and events.
 Personal Administrative Tasks Organize paperwork, complete medical and dental forms, sort and review mail, draft correspondence, arrange for documents to be notarized
Downsizing and Decluttering 
Organize, store, sell, donate, and display collections; organize, pick up, and deliver donations to area centers.
 Electronic Appliance Support Troubleshoot and do minor repair of televisions, radios, kitchen and bath appliances, yard tools, and medical equipment.
 Companion and Special Assistance Escort for grocery shopping, errands, medical appointments; companion for coffee, regular visits, social outings, hobbies, reading, and telephone reassurance, respite visits to fragile relatives of members.
 Gardening and Yard Work

Indoor plant maintenance; outdoor landscaping, and raking/removal of leaves.

 Home Maintenance (light) Changing light bulbs, minor fixture repairs, seasonal packing and storage, brief absence services (water plants, pet care, mail pick up).
 Inclement Weather Support Advance sidewalk prep, snow shoveling and removal, digging out the car, ice removal 
 Neighborhood Errands Grocery shopping, pharmacy, dry cleaning, post office, pet walking.
 Technology Support Set up, programming, tutorials, troubleshooting and minor repair for software, printer, copier, fax, scanner, smartphone and iProducts; tutorial for social media interface.
   Volunteer For the Village
Website management, newsletter production, public relations, graphic design, copy writing, photography.  Contact
Host or help with setup of MPV events, chair or co-chair events, serve on Events Committee, present at a program, organize a group.
Help with budgeting and accounting issues and systems, do data entry.
Fundraising strategy, committee work, support through phone and mailing communications, proposal writing.
Host or help on small gatherings, staff membership tables at community and MPV events, follow up on member prospects, do member interviews.
Call on prospective partners, help develop recruitment materials and gather information.
    Volunteer Assistance (Helping Hands)
Recruit, train, and certify volunteers, field and assign volunteers to fulfill assistance requests, report on fulfilled assistance requests, help with volunteer orientation and training.
Advocate on behalf of the Village and issues important to the Village.

If there are other kinds of services that you would like to receive or provide, contact the Volunteer Assistance Coordinator at