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Mount Pleasant Village, Washington, DC: Celebrating the opportunities and meeting the challenges of aging

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Mount Pleasant Village has been fortunate to receive many end-of-year donations in the past. These donations greatly help our ability to provide programs and activities to members. As the year end approaches, we ask that you please help us to accurately account for your donations by following the IRS rules and -- if at all possible – making your donation in time to process it by credit card or check before December 31. To donate on-line by credit card, click here.

IRS Rules About Year-End Donations to Mount Pleasant Village

  • Charitable contributions are deductible in the year that you make the donation.
  • When you mail a check, the mailing date of the check determines when the donation can be claimed.
  • Card donations are deductible in the year that the charity charges your card.

For more information, please see IRS Publication 526 (
The current online version of this publication is dated 2016, but still applies.