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Mount Pleasant Village, Washington, DC: Celebrating the opportunities and meeting the challenges of aging

Trolley Callbox

We are grateful for donations to the Mount Pleasant Village! The all-volunteer run Village provides programs and activities to its members, and strengthens the vitality and welcoming nature of our neighborhood. You can make a difference to our community by becoming a contributing supporter.  To donate on-line by credit card, click here. Thank you for your support!

IRS Rules About Year-End Donations to Mount Pleasant Village

  • Charitable contributions are deductible in the year that you make the donation.
  • When you mail a check, the mailing date of the check determines when the donation can be claimed.
  • Card donations are deductible in the year that the charity charges your card.

For more information, please see IRS Publication 526 (
The current online version of this publication is dated 2017, but still applies.