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The Information Technology revolution that has transformed the business world and changed how we form communities is now showing up in our homes, at least potentially. The Smart Homes Interest Group is for people who want to explore and share the opportunities presented for adding intelligence to our homes, including Voice Assistants, smart appliances, home control and security, and whatever else comes down the pike and ends up on our doorsteps.

We propose to do this through a shared Forum on this website, occasional Face-to-Face meetings, and field trips to see demos or actual working Smart Home implementations. This group will be linked to the Washington Area Village Exchange IT Committee and possibly other similar groups. The only requirement for membership is interest and a willingness to learn, and perhaps teach.

Many kinds of information technology seem to isolate us more than they connect us -- we are engaged with our screens more than with our neighbors. We will try to find ways to create a "Smart Village", not just a bunch of wireheads.

Village Groups like this require a certain level of participation to be considered official Mount Pleasant Village Interest Groups such as  the Meditation Group, Walking Group, Mah Jong Group, and others still getting up to speed. If you are interested in joining this conversation, there are two ways to join:
  • Modify your Village Profile by:
    • run your mouse over your name at the upper right corner of the Home Page and click on Profile
    • scroll down and click on Forum Memberships in the Forums box on the left hand side
    • click on the blue Opt-In button on the far right side of the Affinity Groups>Smart Homes box (it may be hiding in the page background).


  • Click on Return to Previous Page at the bottom of the page

  • Click on Forum General Preferences in the aforementioned Forums box
    • make your selections there about how often you want to receive Forum messages, what name you want to appear on them, and so on.


  • Click on Save at the bottom of the page.
This will put you on the Smart Homes Forum that will help you send and receive Email messages on upcoming events or interesting news about Smart Homes to other members of the Interest Group.


  • there is a good article on a pilot test of Alexa in a California retirement community at
  • there is a metro-wide association of Villages called the Washington Area Village Exchange and it has an IT Committee. After getting started evaluating Village Software (like Club Express that hosts our website), we are getting interested in Voice Activated Assistants (smart speakers like Alexa, etc.).
  • there is a national association of Villages called the Village to Village Network and, among other things they have now a discussion forum on Smart Homes.  You may have to join VtV to access it, but since MPV is a member, this should not be a problem.
  • there is a city-wide effort called Age-Friendly DC (a spin-off of a WHO program) and it has a Task Force on Communications and IT that is recommending policies and strategies to make DC's IT and other programs more age-friendly. I